• Photo of Frances in blue blouse and white sweater seated in a boat near her birth island village of Lumbarda with the blue Adriatic Sea behind her

    Frances Buratovich Memorial

  • Grey crew neck knit sweater

    Frances’ Knitting and Sweaters, from Years Ago

  • Crochet from Frances’ closet, 2020

  • Frances’ 99th Birthday

  • Clear glass pedestal supporting blue glass globe etched with continents.

    All Poems by Frances – On a Single Page

  • Trophy awarded to Frances Buratovich for poetry.

    Poems by Frances Buratovich – Listed by Title

  • Oval cameo studio photo of Frances 1940s style hair and lipstick

    Frances Buratovich Storybook Memories

  • Christmas Carousel and Crochet, 2018

  • Crochet Scarves by Frances, 2017

  • Life-sized Star Wars Storm Trooper balloon with mom

    Mom and the Storm Trooper

  • Mom reads poem, Mother’s Day 2016

  • Ashley and Nicole’s Wedding