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  • Photo of Frances in blue blouse and white sweater seated in a boat near her birth island village of Lumbarda with the blue Adriatic Sea behind her

    Frances Buratovich Memorial

  • Grey crew neck knit sweater

    Frances’ Knitting and Sweaters, from Years Ago

  • Crochet from Frances’ closet, 2020

  • Frances’ 99th Birthday

  • Clear glass pedestal supporting blue glass globe etched with continents.

    All Poems by Frances – On a Single Page

  • Trophy awarded to Frances Buratovich for poetry.

    Poems by Frances Buratovich – Listed by Title

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    How to Download Photos and Media from This Site

  • Oval cameo studio photo of Frances 1940s style hair and lipstick

    Frances Buratovich Storybook Memories

  • Christmas Carousel and Crochet, 2018

  • Crochet Scarves by Frances, 2017

  • Life-sized Star Wars Storm Trooper balloon with mom

    Mom and the Storm Trooper


NedBuratovich.com has been revived as a repository for Buratovich Family Stories. Immediate family members, Luke, Frances, Ned and Nick primarily; then Bea Jessica, Nicole and Jett Luka. Also, extended family members galore: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…


Multimedia storytelling with old (and new) photos, home movies, news clippings, written pieces, recordings, videos presented in an accessible web-based format, easy to navigate, explore, share and save.


As many stories as possible will be published here, to keep them fresh for family and friends, to keep them from fading, for mom. Developing this website will be my way of reconnecting family members and friends far and wide.


Such pesky questions. Right now (August 2022) this site is but a (metaphor alert) mere sapling with just a few barren branches and hardly any leaves. It is growing vigorously however, destined to become a (hyperbole alert) towering canopy of intertwined boughs and dense foliage.

How? (How to use site)

Site Organization

Each article (post) on this site focuses on a particular event or aspect of our family stories. Normally, on blogs, each article has its posting date set to the date the article was published on the blog. On this site, however, I have set the post date to the date when the event occurred, even if that is many decades in the past.

This stream of stories is ordered chronologically by date of event occurrence. Soon, the website menu bar will have links to different collections of these stories. For now, use the search box (on the right side of the menu bar at the top of every page, also in the footer, at the bottom of every page) to find stories of interest.

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