Grateful To Be Alive — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Ned, for the recognition as a catalyst to your healing journey. For me, affirmations are the keys to my car. I’m not going anywhere without the keys. With the knowledge that every thought produces a hormone in the brain, I wish to keep mine positive so as to experience excellent health. Thoughts can hurt, thoughts can heal. Life is that simple. Not easy, but simple. The joy in me is created by me, and so the ailments of my mind and body are also creations of my own. If only we were taught, from a very young age, how powerful the mind can be to our detriment, we could see less disappointment and suffering (depression) in our world. Although I talk about positive thinking, I, too, fall into negativity from time to time. Here’s to our healing so as to be a beacon of hope, and will, for others.

    • Thank you, dear Laila, for walking beside me (both literally and metaphorically) during those difficult, painful first steps of a healing journey.

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