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Personal Journal and Autobiographical Archive

For 2023, I’m adding personal journaling to the family stories already at this website.

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How to Download Photos and Media from This Site

On this site, it’s easy to download photos, videos, audio tracks, PDF documents. If it’s not immediately clear how to do so, then the tips included here will guide you.

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Oval cameo studio photo of Frances 1940s style hair and lipstick

Frances Buratovich Storybook Memories became a repository for Buratovich Family Stories, with stories from Frances’ (mom’s) life to refresh her fading memory in her final years.

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Dad’s Home Movies… on the web

My dad, Luke Buratovich, documented family events for 30 years with his 8mm movie camera. I wanted to give dad’s old movies a new venue for viewing, so that family and old friends could see themselves in movies, the way they were so long ago and reminisce.

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Advertisement showing Rodin's The Thinker sitting on a house. The text overlaying the image says: Ned Buratovich is The Thoughtful House Sitter

House Sitting Service has been Closed

For a number of years I ran a well regarded house-sitting service. I closed the business in 2012, but I left the website for it up until 2015, when I replaced it with this page, saying:
House Sitting Service Now Closed
(I kept some of my best client testimonials on this page though.)

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Original website

The original website was a launching pad for my web design, calendar sales and house-sitting businesses, with a bit of old-country family history added in.

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