Baby Ned’s First Haircut – 1950 — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Neddie,
    You were not amused by the little puppet. SO cute.
    Your Mama was and is a beautiful woman.
    I remember ‘Tony Barber’ from some Oakland get togethers…probably the Lumbarda Club. I was 9.
    Maybe the other woman in this film is your BaBa.
    It’s great that you are bringing these movies back to life to honor your Dad and share your memories with the world.
    Love, Kata

    • Thank you, dear Kata, for all your encouragement all these years.

      Yes, I certainly was a distressed little baby. The cut on my forehead, in the latter part of the video was from me thrashing my head into the electric clippers. It took two or three people to hold me still.

      The other woman in the darker dress is Tony’s wife, Teta Mara. The woman in the yellowish dress is Tony’s daughter, Jane.

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