The Who, What, Why, When and How of the new website:

Who? has been revived as a repository for Buratovich Family Stories. Immediate family members, Luke, Frances, Ned and Nick primarily; then Bea Jessica, Nicole and Jett Luka. Also, extended family members galore: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…


Multimedia storytelling with old (and new) photos, home movies, news clippings, written pieces, recordings, videos presented in an accessible web-based format, easy to navigate, explore, share and save.


As many stories as possible will be published here, to keep them fresh for family and friends, to keep them from fading, for mom. Developing this website will be my way of reconnecting family members and friends far and wide.


Such pesky questions. Right now (August 2022) this site is but a (metaphor alert) mere sapling with just a few barren branches and hardly any leaves. It is growing vigorously however, destined to become a (hyperbole alert) towering canopy of intertwined boughs and dense foliage.

How? (How to use this website)

Site Organization:

Each article (post) on this site focuses on a particular event or aspect of our family stories. Normally, on blogs, each article has its posting date set to the date the article was published on the blog. On this site, however, I have set the post date to the date when the event occurred, even if that is many decades in the past.

This stream of stories is ordered chronologically by date of event occurrence. Soon, the website menu bar will have links to different collections of these stories. For now, use the search box (on the right side of the menu bar at the top of every page, also in the footer, at the bottom of every page) to find stories of interest.

Media Viewing and Downloading Details:

Photos and Other Images

Images will open in a lightbox

Almost all the images on this site will will expand to a full-page “lightbox” view when clicked or tapped on the page. Whenever you’d like to look at an image more closely, click/tap it and the image will expand as much as possible and still fit your browser window.

The lightbox layer replaces the page you were reading with the image filling the browser window. In the upper right corner of the window, you will notice these controls:

Control strip for lightbox showing icons for sharing, zooming, full-screen, slideshow start/pause, download and exit lightbox.
Icons to control the lightbox

These icons will disappear after a second or two. To make them reappear, just move your mouse or touch your touchscreen.

Share the image to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

Zoom in on the image to see more detail

Shrink the image back to its original size

Expand the lightbox beyond the browser window to use the full screen of your device

Shrink the lightbox back to the size of your browser window

Start slideshow, automatically advancing to next image on the page or in the gallery

Pause the slideshow
(Use on-screen arrows or keyboard arrow-keys or swipe gestures on touch devices to manually go forward/back through the series of images)

Download the image to your computer or device

Close the lightbox and return to the page you were viewing

Do It Once to See It’s Easy:

Give it a try. In 10 seconds, you can master the basics of viewing a photo in the lightbox, then closing the lightbox to return to this page.

Flower bed of pink flowers
Single Photo Example

Here’s a photo of a flower bed. To view it enlarged in a lightbox, click or tap the photo. You could play around with the various options, even download it, if you’d like. When you are done, click/tap the “X” in the upper right corner to come back here.

Here is a photo gallery with a few flower photos. Click/tap any one of them to display the photo in the lightbox. You could start a slideshow of the photos in this gallery. You can go forward/back through the photos in this series with the on-screen arrows (at the left and right sides of the window) the keyboard arrow keys or with swipe gestures on touch devices.

Download Entire Photo Album

With some photo albums or galleries, there will be an option to download the entire set of image files (as a zipped folder). If the option is available, there will be a download button present:

Video Viewing and Downloading

Videos play directly from their location on the page. Standard video controls overlay the bottom of the video image.

The Play/Pause toggle button is in the lower left corner.

The Full-Screen toggle button is in the lower right corner

Most videos can be downloaded from this website by clicking the download button(s) located directly below the video on the page:

~ OR ~

  • For the 8mm home movie clips, Hi-Def is 960×720, Lo-Def is 480×360
  • For the HD videos, Hi-Def is 1920×1080, Lo-Def is 640×360

Downloading Audio and Documents

Audio Playing and Downloading

MP3 Audio players on the page use familiar play/pause controls, volume control and a progress bar that can be used to jump to different times in the recording.

If the recording is available for download, there will be a download button near the audio player:

Document Viewing and Downloading

PDF documents will open up in an overlay over the web page when you click / tap on their link or thumbnail.

The upper right corner of the page groups several controls, including the control for downloading the PDF.

Some documents will have their own download button.